The African Story..


The Mokato journey was founded to showcase African coffee to the world. As the home of coffee (dating back to the 1700s), Africa has a long and proud history of growing some of the world’s finest. We were proud to learn that the continent produces ~12% of the world's Arabica coffee with five African nations in the top 20 Arabica-producing countries.
We carefully select only the very best coffee from various countries in Africa – coffees that Africans can be proud of and the world can appreciate. 
Like many other products in Africa, almost all green coffee gets exported at a fraction of the price compared to the roasted coffee enjoyed around the world. At Mokato, we believe in Africans roasting African coffee beans and thereby keeping the the value chain from farmer to roasted coffee in Africa. We exclusively offer only the most delicious coffee from across the continent.
Our distinct roasting profile ensure the beans are not too light and not too dark. It ensures that the delicious flavours and aromas unique to African coffee beans are fully expressed when you brew your Mokato coffee.
We are excited to share Africa’s richness and quality through Mokato's coffees! Join us on our journey in expressing African goodness.