We're all about "African Quality"

The Mokato story is all about Africa and all about coffee. We’re about creating pride in home-grown products, in our heritage, in our continent. We are a family business with a love for Africa and a passion for coffee, and we couldn’t be prouder to merge these in our expertly selected and roasted African Quality Coffee™️. Based in the iconic Cape Town region of South Africa, we are committed to bringing the highest quality from our family to yours.

Africa is home to some of the best coffee internationally and has been ever since it was discovered in Ethiopia back in the 1,700s (yip, coffee is African). In fact, 5 African countries make the top 20 list for highest producing coffee nations. We’ve been sharing our amazing coffees with the world all these years, yet African coffee abandons our beloved shores to be roasted and brewed primarily outside the continent (we agree, not cool).

We believe Africa should be roasting African coffee, and so began the story of Mokato (now we’re talking). By keeping the value chain on the continent from farm to freshly roasted right here, we support the thousands of communities throughout the coffee bean journey from harvest to home . Once we get our hands on these remarkable beans, they are expertly roasted with true craftsmanship resulting in coffee that is not too light and not too dark, but (you guessed it) just right.

Our signature medium roast highlights the richness, smoothness, and sweetness of each coffee and could even convert a devout tea-drinker. At this point we could get geekier, but we’d rather invite you to try it out for yourself and let us know what you think. You’d be joining us on our journey to support African coffee communities and quality, locally sourced products, all while sipping on delicious Mokato coffee while we’re at it together.

Drink Mokato. Drink Africa.